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Reading progress update: I've read 42%...DNF

NOS4A2: A Novel - Joe Hill, Kate Mulgrew

I really tried to finish this but I didn't like Vic at all. I know she went through bad stuff with Manx, but I couldn't empathize with her and I found her personality abrasive and off-putting. 

Reading progress update: I've read 33%...DNF

Wicked Lovely - Melissa Marr, Alyssa Bresnahan

I couldn't take it anymore. This was absolutely BORING! Nothing was going on, all the characters were flat and I just didn't give a damn.

Reading progress update: I've read 20%.

Wicked Lovely - Melissa Marr, Alyssa Bresnahan

I'm listening to this. The narrator is bad and the story isn't that good. I'm going to listen a little more to see if the story gets better, but it may become a DNF.

A Secret to Die For (Secret McQueen) - Sierra Dean

I found this slightly disappointing. I kept waiting for something exciting to happen and the ending just seemed so generic and boring. She didn't come across as smart and made a lot of impulsive decisions.Part of my disappointment is her

choosing Desmond over Holden. I kept thinking she'd change her mind and realize she made the wrong choice.

(show spoiler)

It wasn't meant to be, I guess. There were good moments though, so it wasn't a bust overall. It just wasn't the ending I envisioned for Secret. 

Chaos in Death - J.D. Robb

This is the first time that I did not like the mystery involved in an In Death series. While some of them have been just ok, this one was ridiculous. The whole

Dr Jekyll/Mr Hyde

(show spoiler)

 thing did not work at all, IMO. I know this is set in the future, but it was too incredulous. I guess they can't all be wonderful.


Night Shift - Nalini Singh, Lisa Shearin, Ilona Andrews, Milla Vane

I only read Magic Steals by Ilona Andrews, 2.5 stars

Magic Rises  -  Ilona Andrews

This was excellent! Best book in the series so far and one of the better books I've read in a while. There were so many twists and turns and nothing played out how I thought it would. Kate continues to amaze me and the relationships she has built are fantastic! I was in tears the last chapter and I'm anxious to see what happens next.

Hex Appeal - P. N. Elrod (Editor)

I only read the Ilona Andrews story, 3 stars

Fifty Shades Darker (Fifty Shades, #2) - E.L. James

This was my second time reading this and I didn't like it as much. I may have been wearing blinders on regarding Christian's issue, but they were off this time and I wanted Ana to run far away from him. This man is damaged and love won't fix that. His possessiveness and controlling ways were troubling. I still liked Ana but she was meek and didn't come across as strongly as she did in the first book. I'm not even sure if I want to re-read the last one.


Originally read: 5/1/12 - 4 stars

Reading progress update: I've read 45%.

A Dance with Dragons: A Song of Ice and Fire: Book Five - George R.R. Martin

Things are finally picking up! I don't know where Dany's story is going, but I don't like it.

Reading progress update: I've read 25%.

Gunmetal Magic -  Ilona Andrews

Raphael is a dick and I don't know if I want him and Andrea back together. Other than that, I'm enjoying this more than I thought I would.

Treachery in Death (In Death, #32) - J.D. Robb

This was a solid read until the ending. I liked how Eve was weaving her magic to bring down the bad guys, but then it just kind of fizzled at the end. I guess because of the enormity of the crime, I wish we could have been given the results after the arrest.

Reading progress update: I've read 60%.

Gone Country - Lorelei James

I'm sad to admit that this is pretty boring. I don't care about Rielle or Gavin. There's little chemistry between the two and I'm just not interested in their problems.

Reading Goal for 2015

I meant to post this a lot sooner, but my reading goal this year is to do some series' catch-up. I decided to rotate between three at a time so I don't get overwhelmed. My initial three picks were:


In Death by JD Robb (http://www.fictfact.com/series/209/in-death). Before the start of the new year, the last book I read was Missing in Death (#29.5). I've finished the next three so far this year and have ten more before the latest release.


Rough Riders by Lorelei James (http://www.fictfact.com/series/2001/rough-riders). The last one I had read was Chasin' Eight (#11). I've finished the next two and have four more before I'm caught up.


Fallen Angels by JR Ward (http://www.fictfact.com/series/128/fallen-angels). I only read the first one, Covet, and that was in 2009. I plan on re-reading it and then I'll have five more before I'm caught up. However, this has been put on the back burner until I finish the Kate Daniels series (http://www.fictfact.com/series/370/kate-daniels).

Magic Dreams  - Ilona Andrews

This was just ok for me. I didn't see the attraction between Dali and Jim. I think it's because Dali doesn't have enough face time in the series, so I haven't had a chance to get to know her. It was interesting reading about her family and her abilities.

Magic Bleeds  -  Ilona Andrews

Kate was bad-ass in the book! Her family is crazy and her friends are accepting. Love the relationship between her and Andrea & her and Curran.