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Crave - J.R. Ward

I had serious issues with this book. So serious, that I am not continuing reading this series. The beginning was fine. We get to know Isaac and Grier. I thought they had great chemistry, but that was it. The further into the book I got, the less convinced I was theirs was a love match. I thought the book focused too much on them, and frankly, it was boring and dragged on.


Jim's part of the story was better, but I really disliked the interference from both sides. What's the point of having Jim be this savior, if both sides are going to "cheat"? It made for a predictable outcome. Not much happened with Eddie and Adrian, which was a shame. Devina torturing Jim seemed gratuitous and did nothing to further or enhance the story. 


I realize that I initially gave this 3 stars, but the more I thought about it, the more I realized that I didn't like this at all.