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A Fostered Love

A Fostered Love  - Cameron Dane Jonah is a lost soul and has struggled with his emotional detachment since he came out of juvenile detention. Christian is a foster brother he knew for three months when he was 16. Fifteen years pass and Jonah returns to the foster home where he knew Christian for that short time. Jonah wrestles with the feelings Christian brings out in him. This book started out pretty good. I’m a sucker for damaged heroes and Jonah is certainly that. I liked that Christian was a strong person and I thought he and Jonah made a good fit. However, I felt that the book focused too much on Jonah’s time in juvenile detention. I understood he had emotional issues due to his upbringing and time spent there, but I felt it was harped on a little too much. The progression of their relationship happened at a quick pace, but it worked. The romance became too sappy for me, unfortunately. There’s also a side story involving Christian and a former lover that I didn’t really care for either. I guess it was there to add some suspense to the story, but I found it a distraction. It was hard for me to finish this because I had stopped caring about what was happening in the characters lives. This book was promising, but didn’t deliver for me.