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Blood of the Raven - Anya Bast 3.5 starsFate is a human with psychic ability. She is able to dreamwalk and fight the Dominion, an enemy of humans and vampirs alike. Gabriel is a vampir that has been watching Fate for 5 years to ensure that she is safe from the Dominion. One night Fate is attacked by a vampir and turned. She is left on Gabriel's doorstep. It's up to them to find out who attacked her and why.The story was good, though I think it fell apart a little at the end. I thought Gabriel and Fate had really good chemistry. Gabriel's feelings for Fate were pretty clear early on. Fate had bad relationships in the past, so wanted to keep things purely physical. Gabriel was doing his best to protect Fate, but she did do some stupid things. When the attacker and reason were revealed, I was disappointed. It just didn't make much sense. Some of the side characters, Charlie and Niccolo, were interesting and I hope to see them in the next couple of books.