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Howl (includes: Leashed, #1) - Jet Mykles, Jeigh Lynn, Raine Weaver 2.5 stars overallUnfortunately, this anthology was not that great. I finished the Mykles and Weaver stories and didn't bother with the Lynn story. Mykles's story is about a witch named Meg who needs protection from an evil witch that is trying to force her into his coven. She ends up binding two shifters, a werewolf and a werejaguar, to her. Michael and Rudy are not interested in being bound to this witch, but after seeing the trouble she is in, they decide to help her. I thought this was just OK. I felt that Meg did some dumb things and everything just happened too quickly. 3 starsIn Weaver's story, we meet a werewolf named Grayson and a human named Scarlett, aka Red. Red is on her way to visit her grandmother and gets lost in a storm. She needs shelter and comes across Gray's house. Gray is reluctant to let her in, since he is entertaining guests, but does so. He warns Red not to walk around and locks her in her room for her safety. What ensues is a jumbled story. There's too much going on; Gray's reluctance to mate a human, dissension in his pack, a new wolf in the territory. I didn't get a chance to care about any of the characters and I couldn't wait to finish it. It just wasn't very good. 2 stars