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Remember When (includes In Death, #17.5) - J.D. Robb, Nora Roberts Remember When was pretty good. Part One was Roberts story and it dealt with Laine and Max. Laine's dad is a thief and was involved in a big diamond heist. Max is the investigator hired to recover the stolen diamonds. Laine and Max cross paths when a friend and partner of her dad's contacts her after the crime. I thought the mystery of this story was OK, but I really liked Laine and Max as characters. They were really good people and I was glad they were together. 3.5 starsPart Two was Robb's story. Laine and Max's granddaughter wrote a book about how they met and their involvement with the diamonds. Not all of the diamonds were recovered and now, 50 years later, someone is killing in order to find them. Once again, the mystery was OK. However, I just love all of the characters in the In Death series. Their interactions keep me interested a lot more than suspenseful aspect of the story. 4 stars