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Hearts Are Wild - Cheyenne McCray, Nelissa Donovan, Patrice Michelle Hearts Are Wild consists of three stories about three cousins who decide to have no-holds-barred sex with the first man that “trips their trigger” (oh, that made me laugh) for one month.In Hearts Afire by Patrice Michelle, we have Josh and Sabrina. Josh has a crush on Elise, his friend Colt’s wife. When he first meets Sabrina, he thinks she’s Elise from behind. Ironically enough, Sabrina and Elise resemble each other so much that they could be mistaken for sisters. Honestly, I felt that Josh was attracted to Sabrina because she looked so much like Elise. Hey, he can’t have Elise, he’ll settle for second best. Aside from that, he seemed like a good guy and the story was moving along nicely until someone was out to kill Sabrina/Elise. It became ridiculous and it was obvious who the bad guy was. This little subplot nearly ruined the story for me. 3 starsIn Wild Hearts by Cheyenne McCray, we encounter childhood friends Nicole and Kev. Kev has had a thing for Nicole for years, but she never gave him the time of day. Unluckily for Nicole, Kev was the first man who “tripped her trigger” (haha) so she was determined to keep it very casual. I did not like this story at all. There was zero chemistry between Kev and Nicole and the sex scenes were all hard and fast. Hell, sometimes things need to be a little slow or, at least, there should be a break between all the poundings. Thankfully, this was the shortest of the three stories. 2 starsIn Branded Hearts by Nelissa Donovan, we come across Lily and Shain. Lily is the most reserved of her cousins. Afraid that she might welsh on their bet, Sabrina and Nicole decide to book her a two week “real-life” dude ranch experience. On her way to the ranch, Lily panics and decides she needs a drink. She goes to a cowboy bar, proceeds to get sloshed and Shain finds her riding a mechanical bull. Unfortunately for Lily, Shain thinks she is a woman with “loose morals” and doesn’t treat her too nicely. Frankly, he’s a big fat jerk and I don’t know why she put up with him. The sex scenes were uninspiring and I ended up skimming them. Then the story totally veers off toward a paranormal path that seems so out of place in this book. It didn’t make much sense and there was no resolution. I have no idea if there is a sequel to this story, but I’m not looking forward to finding out. 2.5 stars