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Snowbound - Larissa Ione Snowbound was really disappointing. It's basically a story about a girl who was teased as a teenager for being overweight and nerdy. She's now a successful, fit, adult and is hosting an auction during her high school reunion to show off her success to her former tormentors. The guy is a former Olympic skier, whose career was cut short due to an accident. He's now a ski patrolman and an EMT at the ski resort where the reunion is taking place. Sean was absolutely great. Even though he made some mistakes where Robyn was concerned, he was a genuinely nice guy who seemed to learn from his past mistakes. Robyn was annoying as hell. Her insecurities were so numerous, it really bogged down the story. The book became boring, predictable, and sappy. Their love for each other didn't ring true and their happily ever after seemed forced. 2.5 stars