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The Valley of Horses (Earth's Children, #2) - Jean M. Auel

This book was good, but I thought that CotCB was much better. I wasn't really into the story line involving Jondalar & Thonolan (J&T). I understand that they were young when they started their Journey (J - 18 & T - 15), but they constantly came across as bumbling idiots. I much preferred the book when the focus was on Ayla. I loved her relationship with Whinney and Baby and how she was able to adapt to her new surroundings with their help.


The stories did move slowly at times and I found some of the technical aspects of boat & tool making boring to read. Things started to move a bit more quickly when J came on the scene. I liked how J & Ayla interacted with each other and admired Ayla's determination to learn to speak. However, I did have a hard time with the ease Ayla showed when she finally learned to speak completely. It was explained, but I found it a bit unrealistic. J's continual amazement at Ayla's abilities were amusing to read. He really seemed to admire and appreciate her talents. There was a moment when I really wanted to strangle J, but he has slowly redeemed himself. The book ended abruptly again, unfortunately, but I will continue on.