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This was much better than I anticipated. I liked the Caroly and Didier seemed like real people with real issues to work through. The scenes between them were pretty hot and I liked that Didier intuitively knew how fast or slow to move with Caroly. At times, he seemed a bit too perfect, but then again, he is a prostitute and it's his job to say/do what his clients want. I know there were times that I thought he was just saying things because he thought that is what Caroly wanted to hear, but by the end, I was convinced that he developed real feelings for her. One aspect that I did like is that he told her

that he would not give up his occupation to be in a relationship

(show spoiler)

. This appeared an honest assessment and she didn't seem to take any offense to it. I thought the ending seemed a little unrealistic and rushed, but a good novel overall.