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Reading Goals

I was in a serious reading funk for the past two years, finishing 17 books in 2016 (going from Aug-Nov with no reading at all) and 37 books in 2017. Real life seemed to get in the way and other pursuits seemed to hold my interest. A RL friend was in a similar funk and wanted to get back into reading. In 2017, we decided to try the monthly challenge by blogger Girl Xoxo. While I did end up finishing the challenge (thanks to my friend's encouragement), it was still a struggle. I decided to re-read, specifically Harry Potter by JK Rowling and The Night Huntress series by Jeanine Frost. That seemed to really kick-start things for me.


For 2018, we are following the same monthly challenge (it's essentially the same as 2017). My personal goal was to read 50 books for the year, but since I'm on book 32, I've upped it to 100. 


Another goal of mine is to finally tackle my Goodreads TBR pile. There are currently 61 languishing and many were added when I joined back in 2007. I've noticed that I seem to be pickier with what I like now and it's harder for my attention to be held. However, I want to give each book a fair shot (though I see many DNFs in my future). My current read of Storm Front by Jim Butcher is the first off the list.


I wish everyone happy reading with their 2018 goals :)