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Lover Avenged - J.R. Ward Re-read: 5/13/13I liked Lover Avenged, but there was something about the book that didn't quite work for me. There seemed to be a shift somewhere; it didn't read like a Black Dagger Brotherhood book, IMO. Maybe it's because the book was about Rehvenge and he's not a brother. Also, this is the first time that I became annoyed with the lessers. They are an integral piece to the on-going war, but it was just about Lash finding ways to make money and it was boring to read about. Besides what's going on with Wrath, the storyline did not move forward in this book. The whole war issue with the lessers was at a stand-still and I wished there was some type of progression with it. With my complaints aside, I loved Rehvenge and Ehlena. I liked how gentle he was with her and there was true emotion when they were together. I thought the revelation of who, and what, Rehvenge was handled beautifully. Ehlena's feelings and reactions were spot on and I admired how she was able to forgive him. I felt so bad for JM in this book. He got kicked around too much, but I hated how he decided to handle everything. He's never had much guidance, and the one person he looks up to, was not around when he needed it. I am looking forward to his book, which I believe is next. Honestly, I hope it's not as long as this one was. 3.5 stars