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Torn from You  - Nashoda Rose

This book is a completely messed up continuation of With You. Emily gets kidnapped and is going to be trained as a sex slave. She endures some horrible, horrible things. Here's the kicker. Her "boyfriend" Sculpt/Logan is indirectly involved in this shit. His father runs this sex slave trade business and she was kidnapped to encourage Sculpt to work for his father as a fighter. Sculpt gets to keep and "train" her, until if/when he loses a fight. To say she is in a state of shock is an understatement. During her stay at this horrific place, they have "consensual sex". Consensual my ass! She either sleeps with Sculpt or she gets sold. She doesn't have choice! Sculpt is a complete ass to her in the guise of protecting her. After about three weeks, she is saved/rescued.


Two years pass and she is living with her bff (Kat) & bff's brother on a farm. She and Kat help restore abused horses to health. Sculpt returns and wants to get back with her. He tells her his dad is dead, so I guess it's safe for them to be together again. I am just effing flabbergasted! She wants nothing to do with him and looking at him returns her to that place. He tells her what really happens (like she or I actually give a crap) and he wants her forgiveness because she's his. He bought the farm she lives on her and effing bff/bff's brother knew about it and kept that info from her. What kind of shit is that?!


Since this is labeled as romance, I know they are getting back together, which is completely ludicrous to me! At this point, I'm hate-reading this. I know I should DNF,  but it's a train wreck that I can't stop looking at.